The Chalkhill Community Trust Fund (CCTF) aims to create a sustainable legacy for young people in the Chalkhill community. By providing financial support for higher education cost CCTF hope to encourage young people to become role models to inspire and encourage the next generation of young people within the community.

The Higher Education Fund (HEF) Bursary Scheme will provide financial support to students from the Chalkhill Community to help with the cost of studying a University degree or a vocational equivalent. Students are awarded a £9,000 bursary which is paid in £3,000 installments over 3 years, per applicant.

Each application to the Bursary Scheme will considered on an equal basis, based on the eligibility criteria being met. For this reason, we are required to ask for confidential information. Please be assured that treatment of personal information will be used in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


The Bursary Scheme is available to students who are;

  • Aged between 18 and 25 at the time of applying or on 31st of the August of the year study is to commence
  • Residents of the Chalkhill Area
  • Aiming to start a first-time programme of higher education or vocational equivalent (i.e. HND, BA, BSc, BEd and Foundation Degree).
  • Applying to study at a UK higher education institution
  • Able to demonstrate that they are committed to 20 hours a year volunteering or community development in the Chalkhill Community.

If you are already on or have undertaken a higher education course you are not eligible to apply.


Five grants of £3,000 are available each year. The total bursary is £9,000 per applicant which is awarded over three years. Grants are discretionary.

The Chalkhill Community Trust Fund Trustees will consider all applications fairly before making any awards. Once the Fund has been allocated in full, no more awards will be available during that year.

Grants must be applied for at the start of your first year of study. Grants are awarded for the entire duration on the course for a maximum of three years. Therefore, changes in an applicant’s circumstances such as a change in course or ending the course, are to be notified to the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund.


Applications will open in April of each year for commencement in September the same year. The application must be made completing the form and submitting it  with the accompanying evidence requested, before the stated deadline.

Applicants should read carefully the guidance notes fully before completing the application Form. Applicants must remember to provide all the requested documentary evidence and submit these with the application form.

If you have any questions or are unsure of any steps in the application process, please send an email to or call 07972 007 412.

The closing date for applications is 11.59pm Saturday 6th July 2019.

Download the form here 

CCTF Bursary Application 

CCTF Bursary Application


Applications will be considered by the CCTF HEF Committee which consists of at least two Trustees. All applications will be reviewed together during July and August. After receiving your application, the Committee may ask to hold a tele-conference/interview to clarify some aspects or request more information. Please make every effort to be available for this phone call should one be requested.  Any delay may make it difficult for the Committee to fully assess your application.


All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application, via email, at the start of September.


If you are not satisfied with the HEF Committee’s decision, you may appeal in writing to the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund stating the reason(s) you feel the decision to be unfair.

Your application will then be considered by the Appeals Panel of Trustees not previously involved in the application decisions.  They will look again at the applications and evidence provided in order to judge whether the initial decision was fair (i.e. were the same decision criteria applied to all applicants), whether all the evidence was considered, and whether they agree with the process followed that lead to the decision. If it is subsequently decided to offer you a grant, you will be informed in writing shortly thereafter. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you will also be informed in writing.

Please note that the decision of the Appeal panel is final.


The HEF Committee reserves the right to review all applications on a termly basis, at which point you will receive a written request to provide and to disclose any changes in your circumstance. As with your initial application, evidence will be requested to support this review and your grant may be withdrawn if you do not provide this information by the date requested.


It is important that we are able to keep in touch with our students. This is to enable us to find out how you are getting on and to gather regular feedback which helps us to monitor how the support we provide makes a difference.

Each student awarded a bursary is asked, as a condition of their award, to meet the following requirements. If you think you are unable to commit to fulfilling these conditions, you should not apply.

  1. To keep the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund up to date with any changes in your contact details, email address or phone number.
  2. To respond to requests for feedback from the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund within the time limit stated.
  3. To inform the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund, if for any reason, you change courses or universities, or have to leave your course either temporarily or permanently.
  4. To update the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund, at least annually, on how you are getting on at university – this update can take whatever form you wish and doesn’t have to be long, we just need to know how you are doing.
  5. To inform the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund, after graduation, of what class of degree you received and what you intend to do next.
  6. To respond to requests for information from the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund as and when you receive them.
  7. To help us to publicise our work – this could be formally, for example, by giving permission for your case study or story to be featured in our leaflets or on our website, or being interviewed for a piece in a newspaper, or informally by telling other people about the work of the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund and how it has helped you. We recognise that not everyone wants to share their story and you would always be given the option, but it helps us if you are prepared to take part in this way.

Download details: CCTF HIgher Education Bursary Scheme (PDF) 

CCTF Bursary Application