General projects that enhance the social, sporting, welfare, health, or educational well-being of Chalkhill residents, or are of economic benefit to the community. The Trust Fund will only finance not-for-profit activities. It will not subsidise commercial operations or provide funding for activities that should rightly be funded by other agencies. The Trust Fund will not finance religious activities but will consider applications from religious organisations for activities that are of social benefit to the community and open to all. The Trust Fund will finance capital expenditure and start-up costs. It will not fund recurrent expenditure or the on-going costs of staff employed by voluntary organisations and other bodies. However, it will consider the initial staff costs of a project. The Trust Fund will consider 2-year applications that provide significant benefit to local people, or capacity building and/or can demonstrate value for money.


The Trust fund is open to applications from:

  1. Voluntary groups and charities serving the residents of Chalkhill.
  2. Residents of Chalkhill who are acting as organisers of community activities and social enterprises.
  3. Branches of charities operating locally, regionally or nationally who instigate activities and projects of benefit to the residents of Chalkhill.

Legal status of the social enterprise definition:

  • Companies limited by guarantee
  • Cooperative companies limited by guarantee
  • Cooperative companies limited by share
  • Registered Society (formerly known as Industrial & Provident Societies)
  • Community Benefit Society
  • Co-operative Society
  • Community Interest Companies limited by guarantee
  • Community Interest Companies limited by share
  • Charities

The Trust Fund will also consider welfare applications from residents of Chalkhill who are suffering personal or family hardship or are in need of assistance in obtaining paid work.

The funding limits for community projects are:

  • Small Grant:  £1,000-£5,000
  • Medium Grant:  £5,000-£10,000
  • Large Grant:  £10,000-£20,000

Groups and charities that need assistant greater than the funding limits are at the discretion of the Trustees. Residents awarded a welfare grant-usually limited to £250 but up to £500 can be awarded at the discretion of the Trustees.


RoundsGrant opensApplication deadlineApplications consideredEstimated Decisions sent out
Spring roundMon 28th Jan 2019 Friday 1st March 2019Thurs 21st March 2019 15 April 2019
Summer roundMon 1st April 2019Friday 31st May 2019Thurs 20th June 201915 July 2019
Autumn roundMon 30th June 2019Friday 30 Aug 2019Thurs 19th Sept 201915 Oct 2019


Interested applicants are advised to meet with Olmec to discuss proposals prior to submitting an application. Lara Oyedele, from Olmec, will provide advice and guidance on projects and funding options. The Chalkhill Community Trust Fund application should be completed and accompanied by the required supporting documents. Applications should be mailed to the address provided below or email it to If you would like to arrange a meeting or obtain an application form, call Lara Oyedele, The Secretary of Chalkhill Community Trust Fund, on 020 7688 8020


All grants are governed by grant agreements laid down by the Trustees. All those in receipt of grants are expected to use the money only for the reasons laid down in their approved applications. Each organisation or individual in receipt of a grant is required to report on how the money is expended in a format and at intervals determined by the Trustees.


Applications from community organisations and charities are required to submit copies of their rules and equal opportunity policies to the Trustees. Such organisations must also provide evidence that they have adequate financial systems. As a minimum, this will include an organisation bank account, accounting procedures and an audit process. Individual applicants who wish to instigate projects of benefit to the community will be expected to create a support group and create suitable financial systems to the satisfaction of the Trustees. Payment will be made to applicants at the discretion of the Trustees. This may be prior to the commencement of a project, at regular intervals, or at the conclusion of a project. All applicants will be expected to present accounts including invoices and receipts. Interim and final reports on the progress of each project will be required as directed by the Trustees. All grant beneficiaries will be required to acknowledge the support of the Trust Fund in all marketing materials.

Applications from public agencies and housing associations will not be considered. The Trust Fund will give priority to funding activities where applicants seek match funding from other resources. Applications from charities that provide a service to the people of Chalkhill will be assumed to be in receipt of funding from other sources and therefore only a percentage of project costs can be obtained from the Trust Fund. Any Trustee who has an interest in any application must declare it and withdraw from consideration of the application. The Trustees will generally only consider one application from an organisation or an individual from an organisation or an individual each year unless the Trustees are of the opinion that special circumstances apply. Two year applications will be considered if the6y provide significant benefit to local people.


All successful recipients are expected to comply with the reporting requirement of the Trust Fund. Reporting requirements for community organised projects of social benefit include a written summary at the conclusion of the project or event. Reports will also include financial summaries accompanied by the relevant vouchers, receipts and invoices materials submitted for publication in local newsletters, newspapers or other media. For more information, please see your Grant Agreement. The welfare grants will not be deposited into individual’s bank account. The Grant Officer will work with individuals on how funds should be spent. If any organisation or individual in receipt of a grant fails to use the money provided in a manner that the Trustees have approved the organisation or individual concerned will be required to return the funds allocated.


To contact us, by telephone 07972 007 412 or email: or please write to:
The Secretary
Chalkhill Community Trust fund
c/o Metropolitan
The Welford Community Centre
113 Chalkhill Road,

Funding Criteria and Guidelines 2018